When I received my hand of Ifa, my Godfather Ifa Tosin gifted me this beautiful prayer. Regardless of your spirituality, religion, or faith, you cannot deny the truth of these words. Over the years I have memorized this prayer. I was praying to my Ifa recently, and that’s when it dawned on me that this prayer is universal. One does not have to be a practitioner of Traditional African Religion to appreciate it’s words and message.  For a general understanding of Ifa and Orunmila click here https://africanspiritualitynow.wordpress.com/2013/05/13/orunmilla-the-deity/



I offer you my morning greetings in the name of my odu_______.

Just as you wake every morning to offer , to offer your greetings to Oludumare.

The creator and father of all existence.

I thank you for bringing me to the beginning of another day.

For guarding me through my sleep.

To see this morning and look forward to another day.

I thank you most especially for not allowing me to offend my fellow men throughout yesterday.

Because you have ordained that to serve God, according to divine laws, your children should be able

to tell you every morning that they have succeeded in resisting the temptations, to do any wrong against Oludumare,

the two hundred divinities, all the children of God and the society in which they live.

Furthermore, in accordance with your injunction,

I have refrained from avenging all wrongs done to me, by my relations, friends, and foes.

And good turns to all my friends and enemies alike.

Help me also to neutralize any evil that I might be tempted to plan against my fellow men.

Because as you have proclaimed, that is the secret of long life and enduring prosperity.

Protect me today as always from dangers and evils in my abode, place of work, and in interactions with others.


*author unknown