I recently caught up with my dear old friend, Obea Moore. If you don’t know who Obea Moore is, Google him! He is a track&field prodigy, track coach, fitness guru, chef, spiritualist, and herb specialist. Before we even sat down, he handed me a lovely gift, his Elixir Of Life.  I said “Thank you, but what exactly is this?”  Obea immediately begins to list the benefits of his Elixir of Life and why both men and women benefit from it.

  • Increases energy
  • Helps circulation
  • Promotes a healthy prostate
  • Erectile enhancement

It is made with rieshi mushrooms, deer antler, and rice wine.  It then sits for a minimum of 60 days. The jar he gifted me, was from a batch made 4 years ago. I questioned the deer antler, which Obea quickly explained the reason for it.  According to Obea, deer antler is the purest form of testosterone.  The deer is the only animal to shed it’s antlers every year and they grow back.

The elixir is to be taken by the shot.  Depending on your energy level, it can be taken once or more per week.  I found it very interesting, when Obea told me that bottles over 100 years old can be purchased in Chinatown.  Clearly people have been sipping this for years, it’s just new to me.  I intend to take a shot very soon and will post a follow up on what the Elixir of Life did for me.

If you are interested in more information about the Elixir of Life or would like to purchase a jar, you can message Obea Moore directly on Facebook.  Obea can also be reached on Instagram @obeamoorebey.  If you would like his direct number please email me.



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