city_of_god_10_years_laterLast month, here in Los Angeles, we had the Pan African Film Festival.  One of the films featured was the documentary “City of God- 10 Years Later.”  First of all, if you haven’t seen the film “City of God” I highly recommend that you do.  Released in 2002, it was a little independent film from Brazil that took the world by storm!  It’s about 2 boys growing up in the slums of Rio de Jeneiro in the 1970’s.  One becomes a photographer the other becomes a drug dealer.  It is based on a true story.

“City of God- 10 years Later” catches up with the cast of the film.  It gives you updates on the actors, how they handled their new found fame at that time, and what they are doing today.  The actors from City of God were kids and young adults from the actual neighborhoods where the film was shot.  It is so hard to believe that they were not professionals, because every last one did an amazing job.

“City of God”  became a world wide blockbuster, that changed their lives over night.  I was beyond excited to see “City of God- 10 Years Later” because I was curious to know what became of these kids.  This documentary gives us the opportunity to see what they are doing today, and how their lives turned out.

A cool aspect about film festivals, is that cast and crew tied to the film (directors, producers, actors, ect) are typically at the showing of the films for Q & A.  We were lucky to have the producer of “City of God- 10 Years Later” at the showing.  The audience was very eager to know if the film would be available on dvd.  I was excited when she announced that it would be!  If you come across this documentary whether on dvd, Netflix, or Hulu it is a must see!  Do not miss the opportunity to catch up with the cast of such an amazing film.