Everything changed on March 4, 2017, in a good way. My thought process, my energy, my level of sprituality, literally everything. I called my Godfather in Ifa (read more about Ifa here http://thesacredforest.org/ifa )  and all I said was “Baba (Yoruba word for father/wise man), I’m ready”.  He’s been waiting years for me to say that! This will not make sense to some of you, so I will explain as such.

I’ve been a practioner of African Orisha Worship for many, many years.  In this tradition you ultimately want to be crowned with the Orisha that walks with you. The ceremony is called making Ocha (here is a general read about what that entails https://oshunschild.com/2013/11/08/making-ocha-and-the-initiation-procedure/). Every reading I have ever had, this subject has come up. I’ve walked into places and people have saluted me as if I’ve reached this level of spiritual elevation already. Baba would laugh and tell me, “Princess, you already have it. We just need to crown you. You need to make ocha.”I would read everything I could about it. I kind of understood it, but then I didn’t understand it at all. I knew from conversations with others, it was a level of commitment and sacrifice I was not ready for previously. Overtime I matured, and grew up. I put an end to toxic relationships and toxic friendships. I paid close attention to conversations people had with me, and what their exact intentions were with me.

Without any hesitation, I began to cut people off who I felt did not have good intentions with me. If you were disrespectful on any type of level, the ties were cut. If your ego was beyond what I felt necessary to tolerate, the ties were cut. I refused to tolerate drama or negative energy on any level. Once I began doing this, everything in my life started to make sense. Genuine friends I had lost contact with were found. Family I had not never met before were discovered. Relationships with family and friends were stronger. When I made the decision to clean house, everything began to make sense and fall in place. Spiritually, physically, and financially. I didn’t understand at the time, but I was already preparing to make ocha.

For no particular reason, on March 4, 2017 I knew it was time. I no longer had any fears or doubts about it. I let go of  my own vanity and my own ego. Whatever was required of me to do, I was going to do. Baba spoke more in depth about it with me, and what the next steps would be. He then says “I know the perfect person to put in charge of this! I’ll call you right back!” Five minutes later he calls back “Write down this name and number. Call her right now. Good bye.” I hung up the phone saying to myself, “Really Baba?? That’s it?”

I stared at the paper for a few minutes, took a deep breath, and dial the number. I got her voicemail and left a message. She called me right back, and left me a message. This game of phone tag would go on for a few minutes. I called her back, and the sweetest voice answers “Alafia!” Enter into my life Iya (Yoruba word for mother). We had an instant connection. Our conversation validated the decision I made that day. She told me when I called her the first time, she had just received a package at her door. Someone had sent her a package of beautiful stones. Oshun stones to be exact. She immediately knew she would be making an ocha for the beloved orisha  Oshun.  I am Omo Oshun, child of Oshun. It is my ocha  that was announced to Iya at her doorstep that day. March 4, 2017- everything in life, as I knew it, changed.

To be continued…..


Osun river that runs through Yorubaland in Nigeria.
Osun river that runs through Yorubaland in Nigeria.