I recently shaved my head for the second time in 18 months (you can read about it the first time here http://reneholiday.com/nurturing-locs/ ). It was unexpected and it was unplanned. I thought about it for a couple of days. Literally about 48 hours later I called my barber, and headed his way to shave my head, on a Friday evening…

Now let me take you back to the weekend prior. My Godmother called me for our weekly conversation. It’s more like a “Spiritual Tune-Up.” In our conversation we talk about my Ocha https://oshunschild.com/2013/11/08/making-ocha-and-the-initiation-procedure/, and that my hair will be shaved again. I knew this was the case when making Ocha. However, I had been misinformed in the past. I had been told when being initiated Oshun your hair is not shaved. That only a small amount from the top of your head is cut.

Boy was I wrong! She went on to tell me stories of women going to Nigeria to get initiated, and having serious issues with their heads being shaved. Now their lives feel incomplete, because they didn’t go through with it. Making Ocha is a rebirth in a sense. It’s a new you, it’s a new life. It always made sense to me that everyone’s hair is to be shaved. You don’t want to bring your old crap into your new vibe! And you can’t go back and change the experience later in life. There’s no going back.

Even though my afro was growing in quite nicely, I had been secretly admiring pictures of women with shaved heads. I was shopping Downtown one day, and woman walked past me with a shaved head. She was absolutely stunning! It made me miss my shaved head. So when Iya confirmed I would be shaving my head again, my wheels got to turning. Why put all this time and effort into an afro at this point and time, if I’m only going to have to let it go. To me it’s just hair. My hair does not define me, and it always grows back.

I wish every woman was brave enough to shave their heads. At least just once in their lifetime. I feel like so much pressure is put onto women in regards to their hair. Having long hair in particular. If you can’t grow it, it is perfectly acceptable to get a weave or wear a wig. Which is fine, it is a woman’s choice.

But there is a sense of freedom that a women gets when she shaves her head. It feels like a HUGE exhale. When I see women with shaved heads or very short hair in general, they always have a level of confidence that cannot be compared. Their energy is on a whole different level. Their features stand out more. Their eyes, their smiles, everything is more prominent.

I personally  feel more focused and humble at the same time. Definitely a shift in energy. Hard to put into words. The feeling is amazing. I’m also enjoying my low maintenance hair routine. Lol of course a few of my friends reached out to make sure I wasn’t “Going through something.” As I mentioned before, it wasn’t planned. People were caught off guard- I get it. However, HE loved it… Said it was sexy. When it’s time, I’ll grow the afro back. But for now, I’m going to rock the bald look.