I recently went to my Happy Place as I do every week. A hidden beautiful river that flows through the mountains here in Southern California. As I walked down the bank, I noticed something low to the ground move into the bush. I couldn’t make out what it was. Was it a lizard? Was it a snake? I made a conscious decision  to proceed in the opposite direction. I wasn’t taking any chances even if it was only a squirrel. Whatever it was I scared it off. Or so I thought…

I soon forgot about it and relaxed on a big rock. I meditated, spoke affirmations, and did my usual relaxation exercises. Something told me to look down and there it was. The snake in the grass. It scared the shit out of me! It had made it’s way to where I was chilling, minding my own business.I jumped right on top of the rock I had been sitting on. It was a baby, not nearly as big as it appears in the picture. But still, a snake is a snake.

Right after I took the picture it literally turned around and looked me dead in my eye. It wasn’t on attack mode, it was rather peaceful. But again… a snake is a snake. Now being the spiritual woman that I am I started thinking out of the box. Is this a sign of some sort? Is it a message? What am I supposed to take away from this experience? I definitely wasn’t going to hangout with the snake and wait for something miraculously to happen. I made my peace with the snake, with the river, and headed home.

I’m a practioner of African Orisha Worship. I have Ifa. I have Palo. So for me this snake represents something deeper  and I was determined to find out. I rushed home and spent some time researching. Then I called Baba, my Godfather in Ifa. Baba would definitely be able to shed some light on the experience. What he spoke about was enlightening.

Baba spoke of being conscious of everyone I come in contact with. Recognizing “The snakes in the grass”. You know, the people who pretend to have your best intentions, but honestly do not. People who slither and try to do harm undetected. Baba talked about the current state of our country. The level of hate, envy, and jealousy of people. How people feel a sense of entitlement to speak and act a certain kind of way, without a sense of responsibility for their actions. Hearing him say all of this raised my level of vibrations. Really tuned me up and made me more conscious to my own energy when dealing with people.

Baba also spoke about Dambulla. He is a Voudou diety represented by a snake. Dambulla represents peace and harmony. He is strongly connected to the Ancestors.

With this, Baba suggested I pay a visit to my Ancestors. Which ironically I’ve been trying to coordinate my schedule with a close friend for lunch- at the cemetary lol. Now that I’ve had a few days to process my “Snake in the grass” experience I felt compelled to share the story. We all should pay close attention to everything around us. God/Spirit will speak to you in various ways to get your attention. Never take anything for face value, and never ignore the signs when they appear. Follow your gut. If people/situations do not feel right, remove yourself.

Show respect for your Ancestors. This will mean different things to different people. Sometimes I do something as simple as play Billy Holiday’s music. My Paternal Grandmother enjoyed listening to her. Sometimes I buy roses for my home in honor of my Maternal Grandmother. Whatever moves you go with it.

The day after my “Snake in the Grass” experience I called Iya, my Orisha Godmother. Iya is a priestess of Oya http://santeriachurch.org/the-orishas/oya/     . She tells me snakes are associated with the Orisha Oya. She shared the same thoughts of the snake as Baba. She went a step further and said the snake represents an enemy in my life. Iya said had she encountered the snake, she would have cut off it’s head with a machete. That would ensure the death of that enemy.

Point taken…