GypsyPosh by TOSH jewelry  is earthy, eclectic, and simply beautiful. The pieces caught my eye at a launch party for GypsyPosh by TOSH pieces are both delicate and whimsy, and strong statement pieces are part of the collection as well. They cater to both men and women. I was immediately intrigued…

I recently caught up with owner/designer Natashia Blach. This lady is beautiful inside and out! She is so passionate about every piece that she creates, which makes you fall in love with the brand even more. I wanted to know how she got started? Where did the name GypsyPosh by TOSH come from? Natashia was kind enough to share all of this with me and so much more.

Natashia started GypsyPosh by TOSH in September 2014, on an unexpected whim. She wanted to give that friend “Who had everything” something special for her birthday. A neighbor taught her some basic jewelry techniques and the rest is history. I asked her about the different metals and materials she prefers to work with, and this is what she had to say:

  “After experimenting with different metals initially, I quickly discovered the virtually unmatched quality and durability of 14K Gold Filled Metal; it’s literally the next best thing to solid gold metal. It is VERY difficult if ever to tarnish as it consists of 100 times more gold content than plating; especially the heavier gold-filled pieces. That being said, there are some pieces I have enjoyed creating with 24K Electro-GoldPlating which uses an electric current to chemically bind the gold layer to a a nickel free/completely hypoallergenic base metal of steel or jewelers’ brass. It is far superior to the lesser cost costume jewelry, that typically uses the steam-plating method. Vermeil (gold plate over Sterling Silver) is another luxe, non-gold filled option I really enjoy offering.”
 “I also got into Argentium Silver, another type that’s even more durable and yet purer than Sterling Silver. Authentic Aromatic (untreated/ non-enhanced) Sandalwood is another all time favorite, especially for stack bangles and long strand necklaces. These wood beads are flown in typically from East Asia.”

 “I also really enjoy carving ‘Blessed Leather and Suede’ – Although my Leather is all humanely derived, byproducts of the food industry or from cadavers; I do still say a brief prayer over the organic material, of thanks and blessing to the animal that was sacrificed for my piece. It may sound corny but it makes me feel really free and inspired to work with it after as I am also a practicing Pesci-Vegan.” Wow! How many designers pray over the leather?? That’s passion on a different level.

 “All natural gemstones and ‘druzy’ agates make up the majority of the ornamentation/pendants. These also have vibrational frequencies and healing properties- so they are rich and beauty and balance. I especially adore working with Labradorite, Pyrite, Smokey Quartz, Hematite, Amethyst, Onyx, Turquoise, Various Jasper and Tourmaline. Ahhhhhh so lovely!!!!”
GypsyPosh by TOSH custom handmade necklace
GypsyPosh by TOSH custom handmade necklace
Natashia draws inspiration from the colors of nature and the gemstones she stumbles upon. If the energy from a gemstone pulls at her, she knows that is “The Piece.” She lets the gemstone tell her what it wants to become.  Tribal influences, glyphs, and sacred markings play a part in her creative process as well.
Adding to the beauty, sweetness, and passion of her work, Natashia also donates monthly a minimum of 10% of all proceeds to The San Diego Rescue Mission . She also shows her pieces at charity based events, such as Augie’s Quest, to support finding cures for ALS  As well as Thrive Animal Rescue
Now about that name… Where did that come from? I’ll break it down like this:`
Gypsy- because she moved over 15 times in 20 years.
Posh- to feel “fabulously at home” wherever you are  (also rhymes with TOSH)
TOSH- short for Natashia
Put this all together and you get- Gypsyposh by TOSH 
You can see her collection here, which includes one of a kind pieces and custom orders:
Instagram: gypsyposh
Twitter: @natasiawill
Facebook: Gypsyposh By Tosh
gypsyPosh by tosh leather cuff
GypsyPosh by TOSH leather cuff
gypsyPosh by TOSH handmade necklace
GypsyPosh by TOSH handmade necklace
Owner Natashia Blach