What do you do, when you find out, that the person you are in love with is getting married to someone else? You have been trying to “work things out”, you continue to ignore every single red flag God has placed before you. Because you are blinded by love. Your intuition kicks in, you ask them what you fear most, and they confirm your worse fears.

A friend is currently living this nightmare. She is beyond devastated! This is an open letter to her and any man or woman who has endured this painful experience…

When I saw the tears in your eyes, I knew the conversation was not going to be good. “He’s getting married! To someone else!” I heard nothing after that, once those words rolled off your lips. I was as surprised as you were by the news, seeing that we had spoke of him just days before.

As painful as this is, I’m so proud of you! You had the courage to follow your female intuition and ask him directly if he was getting married. I know hearing and accepting that truth was not easy. But you still managed to hold your head up high and walk away like the lady that you are.

You are one of the most beautiful people I know both inside and out. I wish you could see what the rest of the world see’s in you. You are so giving, understanding, and forgiving. It comes naturally for you- not many people can say that. You do not judge a single person and you always find the best in everyone that you meet.

He was anything but this. He did not deserve you, and my heart goes out to both you and the woman he intends to marry. Devine Intervention showed you exactly who he is and exposed his ugly truth to you. Unfortunately, the other woman has no clue and will discover his ugly truth on her own.

I’m watching you everyday fight back the tears and handle this emotional roller coaster with such grace. I know it’s not easy. We talked about how Spirit will take drastic action, to show us the truth, when we ignore all of the signs prior. You’ve already survived the most painful part of this ordeal and you will only continue to heal moving forward.

When you’re healed, and when you are ready, the right man will come into your life. It will be a love and happiness you have never experienced. I truly believe that. Do know that you deserve that. You will look back at this experience and be thankful that it happened. You will even thank the man that caused you this pain. Because when you come full circle with this, you will fully understand the reason why the relationship had to end.

When he contacts you again, and he will, share this quote with him. “If you find yourself in love with two people, choose the second one. Because if you truly loved the first, you never would have fallen for the second.”

Trust in the process and continue to be the beautiful, classy woman that you are…