Often in life, the best experiences are often unplanned and unexpected. When you just live your life, let go of the rules and expectations, that is when life is at its best.

This past October was no exception to the rule. As my 48th birthday was rapidly approaching, I made a conscious decision to just live and let go. I was asked if I wanted a dinner party, did I want to go out to a club, and I declined pretty much everything that was offered to me. I just wanted to live and let go, and see what happens…

My cousin (sad I would not commit to a dinner party) and I kicked off my birthday weekend with a lowkey dinner. We hadn’t caught up in minute, so it was perfect. On our way home, she mentions a gay bar close by. I suggest we stop in for drinks for the following 2 reasons: 1. We can continue our conversation without interruptions. 2. Drinks at a gay bar could be the makings of a very interesting evening… So off to the “Hook Up” we went! Yes, that is the actual name- “The Hook Up”.

She grabbed us two glasses of wine, and we were not the least bothered by the fact that we were 2 of 3 females inside the place. It would not be long before my new BFF Fritzgeral approached our table and introduced himself. Fritzgeral was a breath of fresh air. Of course we had to first clear the air and get the facts straight. My cousin and I were not a couple as he initially thought. And my cousin and I are very much straight. Once we got that out of the way, the fun officially began.

Fritzgeral’s personality was as big as his name. He was latin, 50 & fabulous! He loved to sing, and he loved to dance. He told me about his life in the 80’s and his love for performing.  Before I knew it we were belting out TLC’s hit “Scrubs” and having a dance off to Missy Elliots “Work It”! His friend Brian joined in on the fun as well.

We talked about relationships, the importance of men being gentlemen, and what women can do to keep the sparks going in their relationships. Fritzgeral continued to order rounds of drinks for all of us. He was kind enough to keep my glass refilled with cranberry juice, since I was our designated driver. After awhile, their friend Lance walked thru the door and joined us. Lance was very interesting because he was black and bisexual. Now let me reset the scenerio. Fritzgeral is latino. Brian is caucasion. Lance is black. It was a perfect blend to a perfect unexpected pre-birthday celebration.

Lance’s jaw dropped when I told him I was 2 days shy of turning 48. He was on his soap box professing how proud he is to be black and the beauty of black people in general. You know the saying, “Black don’t crack”. Honestly this was one of the best nights I’ve ever had just hanging out, speaking freely, and dancing till they literally turned the lights on.

By the end of the evening we all felt like family. Of  course we exchange numbers and spoke of all of us getting together again soon. We hugged and kissed eachother’s cheeks good bye. When my cousin and I got in my car, we both agreed that making that unexpected decision to go for drinks at “The Hook Up” made our evening. Dancing and letting loose with those guys was magical and stress free. Just what we needed.

The next day I received a sweet text message from Fritzgeral. He told me he had such a good time hanging out with us, and would love to take my cousin and I out to dinner sometime. I let him know we would love to go. Now this could very well be the beginning of beautiful and new friendships. It could also become a fun and amazing memory for the archives. Reinforcing my point:  Live and let go…

Nae & Fritzgeral
Nae & Fritzgeral